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The Early Childhood Professional Certificate(ECPC)

"Make the most of your education, graduate with a vocational diploma in addition to your high school diploma. Graduate with an employable skill.."


ECPC - The Early Childhood Professional certificate - is a state certification that allows students 18 years old; have passed all six sections of the Department of Children and Families examinations; have completed over 600 hours of training - 120 hrs instruction/480 direct contact hrs with preschool age children and have completed a professional portfolio as outlined by the Florida Department of Education; are approved to teach preschool in Florida. The high school Early Childhood Education program is the career pathway that enables high school students to earn the ECPC. Students that are course completers - level 1 through 4 have the option of enrolling in a State College such as Palm Beach State in Early Childhood and will have 9 college credits awarded after completing one semester, and through the SEEK scholarship can have their Associates Degree fully funded. The links on the menu provide examples of competency statements and also web links for references of portfolio artifact sources. Competency statements are provided only as examples and are not meant for use, in otherwords, plagiarism is illegal.

SEEK Scholarship handbook

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